Philosophy of PI.GENE

PI.GENE cosmetic products come into existence on a whole different level.

We set certain levels of how beneficial and effective the ingredients are to the skin when developing cosmetic products, and devote ourselves to continuous R&D in dermatological science.

New products that have been developed with a vast investment in study and time by our onsite R&D center go through numerous and repetitive sampling and testing for safety as well as efficacy to the skin. With clinical tests on safety of the ingredients, the products finally meet customers in the marketplaces.

PI.GENE always strives for optimal recipes to achieve the best results and beautiful skin through the endless R&D on dermatological science.



    All products are clinically proven to be safe for skin. Formulated with mild and safe ingredients found in nature, skin feels safe.

  • Promise


    We promise to make dreams for beautiful skin a reality by delivering numerous effects. Experience a transformation of skin every day with the total-effect solution infused with functional ingredients.

  • R&D


    We will dedicate ourselves to develop the finest products, and provide them to our customers through the continuous study and research. PI.GENE will be with you and provide solutions for various skin concerns.