Unreachable 1% of Beauty, PI.GENE, that Everybody Dreams of

PI.GENE is a result of the advanced beauty technology integrated with innovative R&D and high-performance premium ingredients to develop cosmetics that are the closest to what are naturally found in the human skin. PI.GENE pursues total beauty care that helps to address various skin concerns by recovering exhausted skin caused by external and environmental aggressions in the cities and optimizing the skin’s condition.

The brand philosophy of PI.GENE is to make the core production of the Korean beauty technology development history and Pion-Tech’s continuous R&D, DNA (GENE), a reality to achieve healthy beauty for every woman. High functional premium brand PI.GENE strives to make the unreachable 1% of beauty a reality besides you and provide the healthy beauty beyond time with strictly selected ingredients and in-house R&D.

The beauty and beyond that you have been dreaming of comes true with PI.GENE.

Premium Skin Solution, PI.GENE with The Finest Ingredients and Technology

A combination of Pion-Tech’s in-house technology and the finest ingredients work in deeper layers of skin to achieve firm, supple and healthy-looking skin. Strictly selected ingredients improve the condition of skin, while harmony of nature and science addresses various skin concerns.